Trend Pioneer Defines The Future Real Shooting Tag Heuer Monaco Bamford Collaboration Watch

Senior watch fans must be very familiar with Bamford Watch Department (BWD). This company was founded in 2004. Its core business is to modify watches. Its founder Bamford is a watch fan himself, Designers, BWD-modified watches are all amazing, giving a watch that has already been very stylish to a new form, loved by watch players at home and abroad. This year, Tag Heuer invited BWD to redesign the iconic racing watch Monaco, and launched this stunning collaboration watch.

  The watch retains the original iconic elements of the Monaco series, such as the square case, the center of the round dial, the crown on the left, the chronograph button on the right, etc. These are the classic designs of the TAG Heuer Monaco chronograph.

  BWD is good at using colors to create cool avant-garde watch styles. Black and water blue are the common colors of BWD, and the two are combined in Tag Heuer to inspire the watch’s infinite vitality.

  This is the brand’s first self-made collaboration model. The case is made of high-tech carbon fiber directly. It is extremely lightweight but extremely strong. The surface texture highlights its strong futuristic feel.

  The black dial, with a circular panel in the middle, the two left-right symmetrical sub-panels and hands are coated with BWD’s iconic water-blue luminous coating, which is quite colorful. This soft and elegant hue has an indescribable magic As if only the vast universe can form such a magnificent color.

  To commemorate this cooperation, the dial and back have the words MONACO and BAMFORD, and the dial’s logo has also been replaced by the brand’s early logo.

  The watch has a built-in TAG Heuer Caliber 11 automatic winding chronograph movement, the surface is carefully polished, very beautiful.

  This watch’s avant-garde personality makes people’s heart beat faster, with a black leather strap and black-plated folding buckle, combining movement and elegance, it is very special.

  It is no exaggeration to call it a trend pioneer. In fact, the brand has already been in close contact with BWD in 2017. This time, it launched a cooperation model directly to show its friends and sincerity.
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Updated: 16. January 2021 — 14:15
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