Watching The Table But Not The Price

From the start of pocket watches to today’s watch market, watches have always carried the imprint of the times, the brand’s culture and historical origins; in terms of functions, they also have numerous complex technologies, such as tourbillons, three questions, and timekeeping. , Moon phases, etc., have witnessed the constant change, progress and innovation of the entire watch market from different angles. When it comes to the minute repeater, many collectors will be happy to study its principle. In fact, although the mechanical principle of the minute repeater is complicated but not mysterious, its quality is more determined by the cleverness of the sound. Next, the editor brought you three timepiece minute repeaters. Their elegant and unique structure is even more amazing.

  Jacques de Roux timepiece three questions J031033200 watch


Comment on the watch: The beauty that can create the sound of the minute repeater is naturally the most basic skill of the minute repeater, giving people a feast for hearing. However, Jacques Ronaldo does not stop there. It also presents the world on the dial. An ingenious picture makes the visual more enjoyable. Jacques D’Or timepiece repeater uses a gold case with a diameter of 47 mm and a thickness of 18.4 mm. The tough case contains a wonderful design, which is remarkable: the protagonist of the pattern is a pair of tits from the Jura region, They have yellow, blue, white and dark black feathers, shapes and colors made by Jacques Dro engraver and painter. They stand on top of the bird nest, which is nestlings. They are waiting to be fed, showing the home of nature. Warm and beautiful. The hour and minute display is located in the upper part of the dial, which has no effect on the overall animation effect, and the two complement each other.

  It is equipped with a perfect hand-made Swiss manual winding movement. It is clearly visible through the back case. It has a 48-hour power reserve. It consists of 508 parts, 68 gem bearings, and minute repeater. When the button is pressed, when one tit lowers its head to feed the chicks, the other will only open its wings to show the delicate and delicate feather color. In the center of the nest, a nestling will break through the shell, while the waterfall on the side keeps flowing. In the end, this watch is limited to 8 pieces and the price is quite expensive. Friends who want to collect it may have to spend a lot of time to buy it.

Basic Information
Number: J031033200
Brand: Jacques Dro
Movement type: manual machinery
Limited number: 8
Price: ¥ 3,800,000
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Comment on the watch: I think this Jaeger-LeCoultre Ivy Minute Repeater watch is very suitable for the Chinese aesthetic style. The case with a diameter of 39 mm is very suitable for female friends. The ivy meanders and twists against the blue background. Shows a feminine appearance. Set against a white gold case, the blue dial is adorned with a sun guilloche pattern, and ivy leaves are adorned with sparkling diamonds, making the dial even more dazzling. At nine o’clock, there is a button for the minute repeater. When the minute repeater is activated, press the button again and it will not start. In addition to the three questions, if the dial’s ivy creativity is the first bright spot, which comes from the first frost that condenses on the autumn leaves of the Jura Valley, which indicates the coming of winter, then the diamond is the second brightest spot in appearance. The inlay of each diamond highlights its maximum color and luster. Why is it unattractive?

  In terms of power, the watch is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 942A self-winding mechanical movement. This new watch also incorporates a precision minute repeater function. Not only is it equipped with two patented ‘trébuchet’ scales. The crystal reed connected to the crystal mirror can get a stronger sound expansion effect; meanwhile, it is also equipped with a unique mute adjuster, which can effectively optimize the time signal sound.

Basic Information
Number: Q35034E1
Brand: Jaeger-LeCoultre
Series: Dating
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Release time: 2014 Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair
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Comment on the watch: Use music to sing the melody of time and light up the smart art on quiet summer nights. This Athens Jazz Minute Repeater Series 749-88 watch brings us a different experience of the minute repeater, incorporating jazz into the complex functions of the watch, not interesting. The 42mm case describes lifelike doll figures between square inches. They are not ordinary dolls, but talented musicians. When the minute repeater function is activated, the timepiece slider is pulled down and the minute repeater The device can emit crisp, melodious audible time, time and minute or combined time. When the time slider is pulled down, the minute repeater device can emit crisp, beautiful time, time and minute. It can strike two different tone. The black onyx dial became the stage for their performance, and the exquisitely made event puppets will move synchronously with the timekeeping function, enthusiastically playing for the audience. You can enjoy a recital of jazz music from your wrist. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sum up the two words?

  Time is less important in the setting of this artistic dial. However, Athens did not weaken the beauty and practicality of the timepiece. The hands also adopted a silver hue, which integrated with the background when the dial was turned. The crown and the minute repeater buttons are located on both sides of the dial for easy operation.

Basic Information
Number: 749-88
Brand: Athens
Series: Limited Edition Watches
Movement type: manual machinery
Gender: Men
Published: 2014 Basel
Limited number: 18
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Summary: The minute question, the most beautiful thing is the sound. No amount of text accumulation can describe its essence. When you truly hear the voice of the minute question, you will know what it is. This is wonderful and magical. The above three watches not only have the beauty of sound, but also visually show the beauty of the design and art of air conditioning, which is worthy of collection and appreciation. Some friends are used to looking at the price. In the face of such top three watches, we don’t look at the price, we just look at the watch. If you have a chance, you can listen to that wonderful voice. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)