Which Watches Are More Legendary Than Novels?

When it comes to watches, brand, design, and workmanship are naturally important, but sometimes it is not only the watch itself, but also the story behind it that can move us. And the legendary watch, it is easier to enter our hearts, let us be fascinated by it, and long aftertaste. Speedmaster ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Apollo 8 watch Speedmaster Moon Phase Watch First want to talk about Omega Speedmaster . This is the earliest and currently the only ‘out of the earth, to the moon ‘Watches. There are several watch brands that enter the space, such as Breitling, Tag Heuer, and domestic brand Fiyta, etc., but the only watch brand that has been in close contact with the Moon is Omega. When it comes to superpower, we must say To that (NASA), which is NASA. After the end of World War II, the United States and Russia (then called the Soviet Union) launched a space race. Both parties engaged in research and development, both want to be the boss in this field. Because Soviet astronauts Gagarin took the lead in space, and the United States was unhappy. At that time, President Kennedy issued a death order and must land on the moon in the late 1960s. The United States must land on the moon because I heard that there is Chang’e on the moon and I want to see her grow What ….. NASA’s manned space program began in 1958. In fact, as early as the early 1960s, some American astronauts wore supercars into space. But at that time, it was personal behavior of astronauts, super Not even the official NASA watch. In the mid-1960s, NASA really felt that it was time to equip astronauts with durable and accurate chronographs, so GF issued a hero post and invited some watch brands to participate in the aviation martial arts conference. Results After being tested rigorously in 1965, the Speedmaster defeated the masters with its excellent performance and became the official designated table for NASA. Therefore, the Speedmaster can conquer NASA, It is not the value and the relationship, but the hard power. The Speedmaster ST 105.102 uses the classic 321 movement. Since the Speedmaster has become the official NASA watch, when the Apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969, astronauts Naturally, he was wearing a Speedmaster. Armstrong was the first person to land on the moon, but his Speedmaster stayed in the lunar module. Followed by Buzz Aldrin, he I am wearing the Super Speed ​​ST 105.102 . This watch is the first time in human history to have a close contact with the moon. It uses the classic 321 manual winding movement. The Super Speed ​​is still in 1970 ‘Saved’ the Life of Apollo 13 At that time, there was a small explosion inside Apollo 13. In order to calculate the launch time of the propulsion rocket, the astronauts used the Speedmaster to make a 14-second timing of ‘life and death.’ Finally, Apollo 13 returned to Earth smoothly. Due to the outstanding performance of the Speedmaster, the Platinum Speedmaster 321 Platinum model has won the highest honor awarded by NASA-the Snoopy Award. From landing on the moon to saving the spacecraft, Speedmaster has done it, as legendary as it is Watches, the entire watch industry really can’t find much. Although the watches on the market include major brands and various designs, if they are distinguished from the source of power, there are mainly two types-mechanical watches and quartz watches. Mechanical, Quartz each has its own advantages. Mechanical watches are beautiful, and quartz watches are accurate. In other words, the watch you buy is either a mechanical watch or a quartz watch. There are two types of watches, which are difficult to make. Create new tricks. But some people do not believe in evil, and want to combine the advantages of mechanical watches and quartz watches to create a new watch. Grand Seiko Crown Blue Lion Spring Drive Eight Days Chain Watch This person is called Akane Hawa, and is an engineer of Seiko. With this idea in mind, Akane Sang decided to do it. Opening another way in the category of clocks that have been basically finalized, the difficulty is really amazing, and no one knows if it can be completed. After all, when it comes to words, it seems like Lao Tzu is the best in the world, but there are a lot of people who have messed up or could n’t keep up. Maybe there are too many of these people, so our great philosopher Wang Yangming called out to unite knowledge and action. I didn’t know that Akane was harmonious. I didn’t understand Wang Yangming and his theory of unity of knowing and doing, but at least Akane was really integrating with knowing and doing in this life. In order to create a new watch, he began a long exploration, 1 month, 2 months, 1 year, 2 years, 10 years, 20 years. . . This perseverance is enough to move the world. These Spring Drive movements have witnessed Akabane’s peaceful struggle for 28 years. In 1999, the young Akabane Mulberry has become an uncle Akabane. After doing more than 600 trials and failing more than 600 times, he finally succeeded. The new movement invented by him, Spring Drive , came to the altar with the suffering caused by 28 years of failure, like a phoenix nirvana. Of course, this is not only the good and personal success of Akabane, but also the success of the entire Seiko team. Spring Drive’s power source is still a clockwork, but without the escapement speed adjustment device of a traditional mechanical movement, it is replaced by a ‘three-energy regulator.’ This gadget can effectively control and coordinate electrical, mechanical and electromagnetic energy, so that the watch’s day difference can reach plus or minus one second. Since the development of Spring Drive, different movements have not been tested over time. It has been 20 years since the introduction of Spring Drive. From the basic three-pin, it has derived timing, two places, long power, and even the super complicated three questions. It has steadily become aside from mechanical movements and quartz movements. The third movement outside. Spring Drive is also the only third watch that can achieve long-term mass production. High-end Spring Drive watches are mainly concentrated in the Seiko Grand Seiko brand Blue Lion. Although Guanlan Lion is independent from Seiko’s high-end series and has become a high-end brand for only two years, we have reasons to believe that the legendary Spring Drive will definitely play an irreplaceable important role on Guanlan Lion’s road to glory. effect. In the 1970s, the far-reaching quartz revolution took place in the watch industry. Many traditional Swiss brands have been severely impacted, including Zhenli Shi . Zenith watch factory we know that Zenith’s most powerful movement is the high-frequency movement El Primero. In fact, for a long time before the 1960s, Zenith used chronograph movements supplied by the Martel movement factory. The Martel movement factory is very close to Zenith’s ‘base camp’, Lelock, and has decades of friendly cooperation with Zenith. However, at that time, although Martel and Zenith had a good relationship, the two parties had been separated for a long time, and they had not received a certificate. Around the 1960s, Zenith officially ‘married into the door’. After acquiring the Martel movement factory, Zenith has made great progress in the development of chronograph movements, and finally launched the world’s first self-winding high-frequency chronograph movement El Primero in 1969. Watches equipped with the El Primero movement have a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. In terms of accuracy and movement structure, it is ahead of its competitors. Although these Zenith models are different, they all use El Primero movements, but although the movements are good, they have not caught up with a good age. After the outbreak of the quartz revolution, many Swiss brands were having a hard time, including Zenith. In the early 1970s, Zenith was sold to Zenith, an American company that produces radios and televisions. The management of this American company feels that, according to the current situation, making quartz watches is king, and no one will buy mechanical watches in the future. So Zeni was ordered to stop producing mechanical watches and throw away all the tools and equipment needed to produce El Primero movements. Seeing that Zenith’s high-frequency movements that it was working on are about to become rubbish. Zenith’s old employee Charles Vermot quit. He tried to persuade Zenith’s management in the United States, but they were already ironed and indifferent. Seeing that he couldn’t convince, Charles Vermot made a bold decision without permission. He secretly hid the molds and equipment for producing the El Primero movement in the top loft of a Zenith building, and sorted them out by category. Forget to build a wall in the attic so that no one can discover the secret in the attic. This possession is for several years. Before Rolex Daytona adopted the 4030 movement, it was equipped with a manually wound Valjoux movement. It wanted to change its taste and use an automatic timing chronograph movement, but it would not be able to find a good supplier at one and a half. Later, some people recommended the Zenith El Primero, and Rolex also fancy this movement, so Zenith has placed an order now. The hero who saved El Primero, Charles Vermot, was able to sell the movement to Rolex, which is a good thing, but it takes molds to make the movement. Where would I find so many molds in a while? Just when Zenith was worried about this, Charles Vermot stood up. He has waited for this day for too long. Opening the dusty attic, more than 100 molds lay there intact. Every mold is filled with glory from 1969. Naturally, Zenith successfully completed the Rolex purchase order, and let the El Primero movement return to the sky. And all this, thanks to Charles Vermot, who firmly believed in the future of mechanical watches and gave El Primero a second life. After buying the El Primero movement, Rolex reduced the frequency and replaced parts. In this way, the famous 4030 movement was born. Since the return of El Primero to the sky, it has become the exclusive movement of Zenith HF watches. Zenith’s high-frequency chronograph has been in existence for exactly 50 years, and El Primero has been evolving and ‘evolving’ different versions. It is undoubtedly a watch altar legend, and we should not forget it anyway.

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