Who Says You Ca N’t Bring A Watch With Golf? Hublot Shows You!

A city without a golf course is a city that does not know sports and taste. Golf is the only way for nobles to grow up.
—– Mr. Ye
October 25, 2017


It is a transliteration of GOLF: four letters represent: Green, Oxygen, Light, Friendship. It means ‘green, oxygen, sunshine, friendship’, it is a kind of sport that combines the enjoyment of nature, exercise and games.
Golf was invented by these men in skirts
The first time I got into golf, I had to start with studying in Scotland.

When I was in college, I often went to St Andrews to play, not only because of the beauty of the city, but also because Prince William was studying there (he is my idol). At the time, I was a poor scholar and couldn’t afford it. I had to watch it. I watched a group of rich old men drinking whiskey and playing the game of letting small white balls into the hole. Slowly, I learned the origin and history of golf.

This game was invented by the Scots in the 15th century. Until now, St Andrews Course has been recognized as a mecca for golf. The greatest wish of every golfer is to be able to play a game at St Andrews in person, and it is the body that sets the rules for golf.

competition rules:
The player hits the small white ball with no more than 14 clubs. After 18 holes, the player with the least number of shots wins. The main point of the player’s scoring is the number of shots required to complete all the processes. The fewer swings, the better the result.

Even if you do n’t play golf, you still have a circle of golf,
The above talks for the dining table must be understood by the urban elite.
Can fish and bear’s paw have both?
There are not a few people who play golf in my cousin circle. They often ask me a question: Can I wear a watch while playing golf?
‘’ Mr. Ye, I’m sweating while playing, I’m wearing a leather watch, and it’s stinky for a long time. ‘’
 ‘’ Mr. Ye, after playing the ball, several watches are not allowed to go. Why is the quality of this watch so bad? ‘’
 ‘’ Mr. Ye, which sports watch is best for golf, do you recommend it? ‘’

I am often speechless and hurried to explain with the professional knowledge of balance wheel and hairspring (the listener is often confused), sometimes it is simply suggested that it is best not to wear a watch or something else.
However, golf is a slow sport and easy to forget time, but time is very important for golfers. You can watch the time with your mobile phone, but it is always inconvenient, so you need a sports watch. The most important thing is that when you talk about the game, you can also use a watch to increase mutual understanding and explore business opportunities.
But usually sports watches can’t withstand the impulse of swing. Until a few days ago, a paragraph from the world’s number one golfer Dustin Johnson solved my doubts.

He says:
‘The BigBangUnico golf watch can not only help me record my playing data, but the watch is very light and meets all my expectations for a golf watch. It is my ideal equipment.’

He finally said: It’s finally time to wear a watch.
Up close tasting

The case is made of Texalium®, a unique ultra-light composite material of Hublot—a composite of carbon fiber and aluminum. Each BigBangUnico golf watch is only 97.93 grams!

2 o’clock button: SHOT is engraved on the outside to indicate how many shots have been played.
 4 o’clock button: HOLE is engraved on the outside, indicating the hole.

MHUB1580 movement: Not only can you easily record the number of shots, but also calculate the total number of shots.

This watch is equipped with two ‘one-touch’ quick-change straps (not affected by sweat and exposure). The design of the white leather strap is inspired by professional golf gloves; the other strap is made of high-tech fiber with Velcro bonding to ensure that it fits perfectly on the wrist.
Finally, I can answer the questions of my table friends aloud: play golf, I suggest you buy the following Hublot, record the entire process of playing, so that even the caddie’s money is saved, ha ~
BIGBANGUNICO golf watch self-winding watch

Table diameter: 45mm
Frequency: 4 Hz (28800 times / hour)
Power reserve: 72 hours
Weight: 97.93 grams! Super light! !! !!
Mr. Ye’s company reminder: precautions for wearing a watch
First of all, except for the tourbillon and three-question parts, usually the two most expensive parts in watch maintenance: 1. balance and hairspring (heart) 2. dial (face), this metaphor is easy to understand, the heart is broken and out of phase, Is it a big deal?

This is a hairspring, thinner than hair. . .

The instantaneous impact force will also cause fatal damage to the movement’s speed regulation system and automatic winding system, it will also cause the hairspring to become entangled, the suspension spring to fall off, and the speed needle to be displaced. . .

One: The more expensive the watch is, the stronger it is? This is the car, but not the watch. In fact, the higher the price, the more delicate it is, it is very slow and expensive to repair, you know, (except this section is specially customized for golf). If you play a golf watch with a tourbillon (the tourbillon is most afraid of vibration), that is death.
Two: As long as it is a sports watch, wrong. General sports watches are difficult to withstand the impact of swing.
3: Before wearing the watch and swinging the club, make sure that the professional golf watch strap fits tightly on the wrist, so that there will be no looseness of the watch.
Four: Golf is inseparable from the sun. Most of the time, the alligator strap is most afraid of sweat and exposure. Some dials are easily faded in the sun. Once fading, replacing the face can be expensive.