Year Of Portugal 2015 Sihh Iwc New Products Summary

This year is the 75th anniversary of the IWC Portugal series, so at this exhibition, IWC has released a number of new models of the Portuguese series, and made three new movements. Compared to those limited-edition watches that combine top technology, the new watches released by IWC are more practical and suitable for mass consumers.
Let’s review the new models released by IWC on this SIHH:
Portuguese Automatic Watch

For more watch details, please click: IWC’s Portuguese series automatic watch can be said to be the most prestigious one of the timepieces created by IWC. Thanks to its classic design and power reserve of up to seven days, this watch Has long been a symbol of the IWC Portuguese collection. In 2015, at the time of the 75th anniversary of the birth of the Portuguese family, the IWC Portuguese automatic watch was unveiled with the brand’s newly developed 52010-made homemade movement and the wrist-like lugs. Make changes.
Special Edition of the Portuguese Series ’75th Anniversary’ Eight-Day Power Reserve Watch

For more watch details, please click: IWC celebrates the 75th anniversary of the brand’s most iconic Portuguese collection with the launch of a new IWC Portuguese series manual winding 8-day power reserve watch “75th Anniversary” special edition. Founding watch of the IWC Portuguese collection, which is very attractive. This limited edition anniversary model is almost identical to the original Portuguese watch. The silver-plated 18k red gold model (model: IW510206) is limited to 175 pieces, and the dial is made of black stainless steel (model: IW510205).

For more watch details, please click: The new IWC Portuguese calendar watch combines two brand new works and three masterpieces of advanced watchmaking technology: the newly developed annual calendar fills the gap between the perpetual calendar and the simple date display. This new function is driven by a newly developed IWC 52850 homemade movement with two barrels, which is powerful and can provide enough energy for the watch’s seven-day power reserve. Portuguese series calendars are available in different styles: 18k red gold model with silver-plated dial (model: IW503504); stainless steel model with silver-plated dial (model: IW503501) or night blue dial (model: IW503502) ).

For more watch details, please click: IWC also launched two new styles of the IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar watch, including the North and South hemisphere dual moon phase display models and single moon phase display models, both equipped with IWC IWC brand new 52000 The self-made movement in the calibre series can drive nine functions at the same time. The model of model 5034 is closer to the design style of the IWC Portuguese series after careful design adjustments, and it also looks more simple and elegant as a whole.
   The IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar watch with single moon phase display is available in two different styles: 18K white gold model (model: IW503301) with rock grey dial and 18K red gold model (model: IW503302) with silver plated dial, the latter The moon in the phase is plated with red gold, suspended in a night blue moon phase window. The IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar watch with dual moon phases display in the northern and southern hemispheres is also available in 18K white gold (model: IW503401) and 18K red gold (model: IW503404). The white gold version has a night blue dial, and the red gold version has a rock gray dial. Both watches are fitted with wrist-fitting lugs and a fine Santoni alligator strap.

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