Zhen Li Shi Ye Gong Xiang Xing Zhi Li Zan

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the upcoming brand and the 2014 China Tennis Elite Challenge, the top Swiss watchmaker Zenith hosted a grand dinner at Banyan Tree Hangzhou Xixi Wetland in a unique way. Presenting the three soul elements of the brand since its inception: legitimacy, fearlessness and joy, it brings guests an unforgettable experience. On the evening, in addition to friends of the brand and Ms. Zhang Limin, general manager of Zenith Brand Greater China, including Mr. Li Ruigang, President of Shanghai Culture Broadcasting Group, Mr. Zhou Hongyi, Chairman of Qihoo 360, and Ms. Yuan Nong, General Manager of Jackie Chan Film Group China Nearly 200 guests, including Bai Yunfeng, director of China Boqi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., came to the scene to gather the elites and feel the feast of emotional confluence.

Group photo of Zenith night guests
   The dinner kicked off with a creative tap dance performance. The free and open humorous dance steps from slow and fast, richly presents the legendary movement El Primero’s unparalleled high-speed rhythm of 36,000 revolutions per hour, implying that Zenith has adhered to the orthodox watchmaking process for more than a century and a half. From the shocking retrospective of the Zenith Global Brand Ambassador Felix Baumgartner’s space jump to the lively live lecture of Ms. Liang Yi, the host of Hunan Satellite TV, their fearless pursuit of dreams and freedom shocked the party. Every guest on the scene. And this also represents the footprint left by Zenith in the history of watchmaking, constantly breaking the limits of watchmaking, and showing the invincible courage of the brave.

Group Photo of Weijiang Lei, Vice President of Lenovo, and Li Ruigang, President of Shanghai Culture Broadcasting Group

Animated female anchor Liang Yi delivered a moving speech at the dinner
   As a public welfare project that Zenith officially launched in September of this year, the ‘Happy Project’ is inspired by Zenith’s iconic dial opening ‘core’ design. It will be open-hearted, conveying the wish of stars as the main theme, and dedicated to caring for autistic children. The first non-profit documentary short film ‘Children of the Stars’ that night appeared on the stage accompanied by the live chorus of ‘Friendship forever’. The happy ambassadors who participated in the program, Mr. Sheng Shidong, China’s chief ballet performance artist, Mr. Bao Xiaobai, a famous musician, Mr. Wei Jianglei, vice president of Lenovo, Ms. Li Qingqing, founder of Hope Education, and Ms. Yang Yuancao, CEO of IPCN Media. To share with the guests the most touching real stories during the period, the famous media person Mr. Qiu Qiming also gave the children encouragement and support through video. When the ballet prince Sheng Shidong took the autistic girl Chen Yi in the film step by step, led the girl with the princess dream to slowly complete each dance move, and handed the red color that means beauty and happiness. Dance shoes. The precious smile on the stage of Chen Yi’s face wearing a white dance skirt touched every guest on the scene. As the climax of the dinner, 8 happy T-shirts drawn by the happy ambassadors were auctioned by the guests at the scene and eventually raised RMB 360,000. The donation was fully donated to the Qingdao Autistic Children Rehabilitation Center to provide more children with autism. Good rehabilitation conditions. Ms. Zhang Limin, General Manager of Zenith Greater China, said: ‘The Happy Plan, as Zenith’s first public welfare project to care for autistic children, has received the attention and support of so many caring people. We are deeply moved and proud. I look forward to the Happy Plan to let more people truly understand this group of children from the stars. ‘

Ballet performance artist Sheng Shidong performs with autistic girl

Children’s Chorus ‘Friendship Endures Long’ kicks off the happy sale bazaar

Eight celebrity happy T-shirts auctioned on Zenith Nights
   ‘Evening Zenith’ invites guests to an unforgettable and profound journey with an elegant and warm feast. While exploring Zenith’s soul and various features, feel its grandeur and unique quality. Zenith will continue to expand the care and energy delivered by its dreams in the subsequent ‘Happy Project’ and invite the public to participate. Open your heart and care for the people around you, and fulfill your dreams with a sincere and open heart. Just like Zenith’s iconic open ‘core’ window, it means blessings and dreams like auspicious clouds. Fearless and courageous in pursuing dreams, the ‘Happy Plan’ also reflects the brand spirit and the persistent pursuit of orthodox watchmaking that Zenith has been adhering to for over a century and a half.